4 thoughts on “AdSense Ban Solution?

  1. I am considering purchasing your product but am not sure if the features in the book are right for me. Essentially, I’d like to re-instate my existing Google AdSense account without creating a new one and having to change other information such as bank accounts, phone numbers etc. Is this something that your book teaches?

    My AdSense account has been suspended for about a year now, my reputation is at stake, which is extremely important to me.

  2. From my experience copyright infringement is another common thing found in YouTube. Usually in forms of copyrighted video footages or music. Some users are doing it deliberately while others actually don’t realize that they are using copyrighted materials. But deliberately or not, YouTube will remove your video and even ban your account if your videos are violating copyright.

  3. I am also another statistic….my YouTube account which I use for my online business, and for just simply watching videos…..has been SUSPENDED….and it looks like INDEFINITELY….This happened not a day ago, or a week, or a month, BUT YEARS AGO, and I’m still pissed. I have NEVER uploaded or downloaded a video…..EVER!!
    but yet MY account gets suspended for just simply watching videos??? Google needs to go after these IDIOTS that somehow are able to download or upload these unacceptable videos, NOT punishing people that are simply enjoying their services….Is Google paranoid or what?….This is what I get to see…every time I log into YouTube…Now, granted, I can access YouTube, I just can’t log-in, download or upload (which I don’t do anyway…and never done)

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