HI, I am Anthony Blais.

Sometimes in the past, I discovered how to earn a living through creating content for YouTube. This how most people got to know me.

Recently, people started seeking my services on how to also earn a living through the internet. I don’t believe in 4-hour work but I feel working 15 hours in a week is perfect. It gives me much joy to share my advice with people.

As for me, my belief in working as little, but as efficient as possible, allocate more time to my loved ones and engage in my favorite sport and impact positively my friends by helping them succeed as I have. I believe in creating an industry that does not interfere with my personal commitments.

To understand more about me, you can look up my posts on why people get banned from YouTube or AdSense

I am a prolific reader of books that inspire me to make a meaningful change in my life. It is also possible for you to access these books. I believe in having a family that molds you to become a responsible and loving person. I have children that I treasure so much. To know more about it, you can go to my website.

My residence is in California. I am passionate about creating content online as well as supporting other individuals to make huge financial gains from the same and have faith that they can make it in self-employment.

If you perceive me as an online marketing expert, you will be disappointed to know I am not one. I am not even close to becoming an expert. I derive satisfaction from the fact that I have managed to make a decent and stable revenue from my internet endeavors.

In my online endeavors, I have taken it upon myself to master the art of success by learning a great deal from internet mentors such as Neil Patel, Jon Morrow just to mention a few. Besides, I believe my quest for online success has made me push myself to the limit and invest a lot of time in ensuring that I achieve the very best which gives me a niche in sharing my perception of how to succeed in this field.

As much as the key objective is to maximize profit when creating content. It is also of key essence is to deliver high quality content.

What exactly am I trying to put across? I will respond by giving this quotation,

Meaning in life comes from purpose and that purpose resides in your ability to nurture positive change in the lives of others.

My purpose creating quality content, therefore, be achieved not only through monetary gains but also by helping other individuals to do the same. That is what really counts at the end of the day.

So, take a time to browse this blog, do not forget to raise any questions you have. I so much welcome criticism. It helps me grow and offer better services.

I appreciate you taking time to read this.