AdSense Banned – Why?


AdSense Banned – Why? I have been running my own travel blog for more than 15 years. I was making around 3000 dollars a month.

That also included the money I made from YouTube videos. I was under a lot of shock when I logged into my AdSense account last week and I noticed a red bar on top of the control panel stating that my AdSense account has been suspended indefinitely. I shocked because I had no idea why AdSense would suspend my account. I have been displaying AdSense ads on my sites for so many years without any issues.

I tried to contact AdSense which first was really difficult because they hide their ‘contact’ option somewhere very deep inside there support website. Google always tries to redirect yo their visitors to some kind of FAQ site where you can find answers to your most common questions. They also have a very large user support forum where it’s very easy to find some answers to some general questions, which do not directly affect your AdSense account.

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However, I was in a different situation because I wanted to talk to somebody and find out why they shut down my $3000 USD a month business without giving me any warning or giving me a chance to learn from my mistakes.

After spending almost 30 minutes searching on the Google AdSense website I managed to find someplace I could actually contact a real human being.

I just cannot believe that Google is making billions of dollars in profit every month but they are so greedy that they don’t even consider to use a small percentage of their money for having some human people offering some basic level of customer service.

I wrote a very long email appealing the decision to suspend my AdSense account and asked them what I should change in order to be able to display AdSense ads on my travel blog again.

I was checking my emails constantly for almost a week and I still had some hope left that to whole account suspension thing was a big mistake.

When I finally received a reply from Google they stated that my account had been suspended for unnatural click behavior. I did some research online on having an AdSense account suspended for unnatural click behavior. Some people seem to buy fake traffic to trick Google into thinking that some human beings are clicking on those AdSense ads to make a quick buck.

I would never ever even think of buying a fake traffic to increase my AdSense profit. I did not even know that this would be possible. I sent another email to Google AdSense explaining that I would never use fake traffic to increase my AdSense revenue. I also asked them to investigate where this traffic could have come from because I never ever purchased or ask for something traffic to be sent to my website.

This time it took two weeks for them to get back to me and the message I received was very short and clear. They wrote that they will not reinstate my AdSense account again and they would also not comment any further on my case.

At this point, I gave up the idea that I would ever be able to make money with AdSense on my travel blog again.

If your AdSense or YouTube Partner account has been suspended, please leave a comment below and share your story with us.


YouTube/AdSense Account Suspended Unfairly


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