Does YouTube or AdSense suspend accounts unfairly


Various online platforms including YouTube and Adsense suspend accounts of their users to protect the interests of other users, advertisers and publishers.


Basically Google considers invalid activities and violation of policy as the main reasons for which YouTube/Adsense account suspended/banned. These reasons are briefly discussed in this write-up to alert the users against such suspensions at YouTube and Adsense.

Common reasons for YouTube account suspension

Some of common reasons for which YouTube suspends or bans the accounts of its partners are briefly described her under for your consideration.

Infringement of copyright: The rights of ownership of some intellectual property like poems, music, photographs and artistic works along with other similar contents registered under relevant laws are known as copyrights. It any YouTube partner infringes these copyrights then YouTube will have to bear monetary as well as reputation loss as the copyright owner can sue it for any illegal violation of his rights by its partners. So YouTube can suspend the account of its partner for this reason. They are advised to avoid such situations to avoid being banned.

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Buy fake views on YouTube: Many YouTube partners all over the world buy views to increase popularity of their content. Some of them create several accounts on YouTube for such fake transactions to support their content. Such fraudulent activities are not allowed by YouTube hence the suspension of the accounts of the partners.

Opening fake accounts: Many YouTube partners open fake accounts to view their own contents including videos and advertisements to gain popularity among YouTube visitors and earn profits fraudulently. The accounts of such people are banned by YouTube as such activities are considered as the serious breach of its terms of use and privacy policy. The creation of fake accounts is a clear intention of cheating the viewers and customers for gathering them fraudulently to their advertisements so that they can be tended to view it and make it popular as a helpful and quality content.

Post spam or abusive comments: Many YouTube partners, instead of become the best among competitors by valuing the norms of competition, leave abusive comments or spam messages on the accounts of their competitors. YouTube also suspends the accounts of such partners due to such unethical activities which are against its policies. They do not allow spam messages unless there is an option of unsubscribing.

Fraudulent clicking on their own video ads: Many YouTube partners click on their own advertisements knowingly while watching a video at YouTube. Such activities are considered as Click Frauds as per YouTube’s policies. Such clicks are normally made due to bad and malicious intention. Such clicks also obstruct other viewers from viewing that video which ultimately affected the interests of the video owner. YouTube undoubtedly bans the partners with such behavior.

Common mistakes that can cause Adsense account suspended

Like YouTube Adsense is also strict about the violation of terms of use and other policy matters which can cause of immediate suspension of the accounts of violators. The suspension of Adsense account can cause financial loss both ways, the suspension of your huge balance with them as well as least chances of re-activation of your account which will deprive you from posting your advertisements in future. Such situations can be avoided if avoid making certain common mistakes that become the main reason of suspension of your Adsense account. Some of these mistakes are briefly described here under to make you alert in this regard and help in keeping your account active.

Encouraging others to click: In order to encourage people for Adsense clicks the advertiser do various things like including Adsense in pop-up messages, using Click Here option to encourage visitors to click to find the content or putting Adsense within the text content. Google suspends the accounts of the advertisers using any of such strategies to get more and more clicks for their content.

Post Adsense ads in large number: An advertiser has to follow the rules of Adsense regarding the number of ads he can put on a single page of his website. The ads are categorised by Adsense into the categories of Adsense link unit, Adsense for search and Adsense content unit to make it easy to understand its rules in this regard. Maximum limit of displaying the ads under each category has been fixed by Adsense. The display of ads on each page more than the maximum limit is a common mistake that can suspend their Adsense account. You should inform Adsense beforehand about such mistake to be good in their books and avoid such suspension.

Use multiple accounts: The permission of only one Adsense account per person or business entity is clearly mentioned in the rules of Google. Even two persons having same address are not allowed to have two Adsense accounts separately. All of your Adsense accounts will be suspended if you try to get or already have multiple accounts at this advertisement platform. The suspension of your account, due to applying for multiple accounts by mistake, can be avoided if you inform them beforehand about your mistake through a message.


Non-unique or copyright infringing content: The websites that have duplicate content or the content that infringes copyright have to face serious consequences according to the rules of Google. Google even bans the search results of such websites along with avoiding them while putting some ad content online.

Buy bogus clicks: Since the introduction of Adsense buying bogus clicks is one of the dirtiest problems came to light. Using different IPs to click on their own ads, asking their friends to click on their ads or buying bogus clicks are some of the strategies adopted by various people to in increase popularity of their website content. Sometimes Google may take time to catch such mistakes but ultimately they catch such culprits and suspend their Adsense accounts with immediate effect. Google takes such bad practices very seriously as they can affect the interests of other advertisers.

Thus, these are some of the common reasons that can end up as YouTube/Adsense account suspended/banned.



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