How Not To get Banned From YouTube/AdSense


YouTube provides artists and those with creative ideas a platform to make money online. This is done through uploading content that attracts a lot of views.


However, a number have devised unscrupulous methods to increase the views and earnings hence violating the terms provided by YouTube. In such an instance, YouTube may take action and suspend the users account either permanently or pending a review of the content alongside the terms provided. Here are some of the common reasons why YouTube suspends accounts of its partners.

1. Faking YouTube views

With intent to generate more views and hence more income, a number of partners are known to buy fake views. Hackers also use unscrupulous methods to generate fake views for such partners and hence depict like they have more followers. This is against YouTube regulations as it qualifies such a partner to earn through fake means hence termination of their accounts.

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2. Posting content that infringes copyright

Every content has its creator who owns the copyright under relevant laws.

When such content is posted on YouTube by partners without the owner’s permission, YouTube runs the risk of being sued by the owner. To rid of such a situation YouTube advises its partners to desist from such moves otherwise risk banning of their accounts.

3. Posting abusive and spam content

YouTube holds high regards to upholding of ethical practices. It is for this reason that partners who use their accounts to leave abusive content or spam often run the risk of banning. Instances of spam messages sent to private emails are common and against the company’s regulations. The partner holding an account used for such purposes is held responsible and the account closed.

4. Click frauds

Used out of malice or bad intentions, there are instances of partners clicking on their ads while there is a video in progress.

This interrupts the content of the video and hence leading to suffering of the owner. When detected, the owners of such accounts are definitely banned from using the platform to safeguard the interest of other members.

5. Using fake accounts

With intent to create more traffic and views, some partners create fake account through which they view own content hence increasing the number of views. Banking on the knowledge that content with a high number of views will attract more viewers, the partners in this case use this unorthodox method to attract new views by purporting their content is popular. YouTube policies advocate strongly against this vice and perpetrators risk losing their accounts.


YouTube provides artists with an opportunity to gain followers exhibit their content and get paid for this. However, instances of abusing the platform and using the platform to make gains through unorthodox means have been witnessed. With the company intent on upholding integrity in its performance and that of its partners, measures such as account closure are always considered.

Desisting from the common vices that lead to account closure always ensures a smooth running and relationship with the company for the partners. Failure to do so may attract a ban from the platform alongside other punitive measures as maybe prescribed by the company.



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