How Suspension of My You Tube/AdSense Account Shattered My Dreams


I am an avid user of internet and I was really thrilled with the expanding opportunities to make money online.


Myself with one of my close friend used to discuss in detail about ways of earning money through our skills in using internet.

We used to investigate various methods that are available on the Internet and think about how we can use them to create good wealth for us. During these discussions one day my friend suggested that You Tube is a good website and by posting the right videos we can make good money.

I began using You Tube and saw that some of the videos that were posted there by individuals like me went viral and has thousands of views in short time. With the advertisers ready to pay huge sums of money for carrying their business messages in those popular videos I found that this is one of the best and easy ways of making good money. So, I began looking around on You Tube to find out what type of videos is becoming popular online.

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I found that all travel related videos that showed different places in different ways were very easy to attract many thousands of viewers in a short time. I got a decent video making equipment and began creating good videos that described many of the tourist attractions around my place. As I was very comfortable in using computers I was able to process and finish the videos I shot without having to spend big sums of money in making the travel related videos.

This made me confident of adding more and more videos and my travel videos became popular soon and I was able to earn good money enough not only to take care of my daily expenses but also to get a more expensive video making equipment.

When I reached this stage I wanted to expand my business and began looking for good places of interest for international visitors in my country and covered them well in my videos. As expected these began to generate so much interest that my revenue began multiplying in a good way. Then I planned to visit lot of places of tourist interest and made good number of videos and all these began to generate good money and with successful monetization of my videos I was able to generate a good income.

To cover more places in Asia and Africa I began to go on foreign tours to most important and most exotic places of tourist attractions and my videos on these places further increased my income which came in a number of different streams. Then in the middle of 2014, I began to associate with a travel video producing company in Switzerland and began to promote their videos through my You Tube account. This gave me a boost in my revenue and everything seemed to go as per my planning. I felt very satisfied that I have reached the top of my life.


Then during August 2014, my Switzerland business associate sent me a batch of videos covering some of the exotic skiing locations and posted these on my You Tube account. All of a sudden the viewers of my videos began to go down and in a week’s time I received an email from You Tube saying that my account with them has been suspended for posting copyrighted materials and hence all my videos have been removed from their system. This came as huge blow to me and began contacting You Tube with an assurance that the mistake was unintentional and I have already found out the video that was violating their terms of service and removed it. I requested for restoration of my account and still no word about this from You Tube.

Now I feel that I have lost all my life and my years of hard work has been thrown down the drain by You Tube. They are not all considerate to people like me who have contributed enormously for their success. Hence I feel distressed by their ruthless treatment and I am totally shattered. All my dreams have gone in vain and now I am at square one as far as my life is concerned and perplexed in deciding my next move.

So, learn from my life and do not place sole reliance on any one company or income stream and diversify as much as possible so that you can go on with your life unscathed even if you have to deal with unreasonable and unscrupulous entities like You Tube.


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