How To Make Money With YouTube


Being hailed as one of the most visited websites at present, YouTube is an online sharing platform that allows users to upload or view a wide variety of readily accessible videos.



With the slogan “Broadcast yourself,” it was first launched on 2005 by its three founders who were originally employees of PayPal. What if I tell you that you can actually earn money out of this website? In this article, we will explore how prominent YouTube personalities and channels are able to get extra cash from video posting alone.

The YouTube Partner Program

Ever notice that ad that pops up before the actual video you wish to view is displayed? That means that the one who uploaded it had monetized his contents and became a YouTube partner.

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After gaining a significant amount of subscribers, a channel owner can enlist his account to the YouTube Partner Program. In average, one will earn $7 for every 1000 ad views made on their uploaded content. For instance, a video accumulated a total of 1,000,000 paid advertisement views in total. In this scenario, its owner will earn approximately $7000. Imagine being one of the most prominent YouTube personalities and the large amount of money you can get!


To start you off, here’s how you can gain money by letting the site put advertisements on your videos:

  1. Create your own YouTube Channel – The first step involves establishing an identity in YouTube. Sign up for a new account or simply refine an existing one. Try to be creative enough in deciding on what user name to use. Keep it short, original, and attractive. Furthermore, it will help to use keywords that will give users a glimpse of what type of content your channel will most likely have.
  1. Constantly upload videos – Your uploaded videos will function as your capital for profiting in YouTube. It is best keep them of high quality through the use of appropriate cameras, unique content, and advanced editing techniques. They should also come with catchy titles and keywords which can direct internet searchers to it.
  1. Monetize your content – By checking the enabling monetization, you grant YouTube the permission to insert paid ads before viewers can access your original video. To enable this option while uploading, select the “Monetize with Ads” option. To do the same with an already uploaded video, click the “$” sign on your Video Manager and check “Monetize with Ads.”
  1. Make a Google AdSense account – In partnership with Google, YouTube needs to validate your personal information including your name, PayPal or bank account, and mailing address. Signing up on Google AdSense is free, and it will also monitor how much you will be paid based on your video’s number of views or viewer’s clicked ads.
  1. Constantly check and boost the visibility of your videos – They key to faster and bigger earnings on YouTube is to develop a stable target audience. The best strategies includes being consistent with the quality and quantity of your video uploads, interacting and responding to your viewer’s comments, and sharing your content on blogs or social networking sites. Furthermore, checking your video’s analytics will help you monitor its efficiency and profitability.



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