How YouTube/AdSense Suspended My Account Out Of The Blue


The only reason I’m writing this was because I want to share my experience I had with YouTube and AdSense. 



I uploaded my first video, and after the first week I had 3 subscribers. It really didn’t improve much after the first month. I encouraged to see people leave positive comment on my video.

Fast Forward 1st month:

I noticed subscribers had increased to 73, I had my video shared by subscribers on Facebook and twitter

Fast Forward 2nd month:

I couldn’t believe it 500 subscribers and counting. This is what I had struggled to achieve for a long time, the feeling that I have something to contribute and that I can make the world a better place than I met it.

I contacted other youtuber for features and mutual partnership which most of them agreed to. My channel tripled in 6 months. Brands were literally begging me to review and recommended their product to my viewers and subscribers. I became a YouTube superstar I’m the happiest I have been in my life.

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I felt I was ready to explore the outside world and being a youtuber has become routine I needed to refuel so bad. I traveled to AFRICA, for the next 30 days I enjoyed seeing the white bearded De Brazzaís monkey at Saiwa swamp national park, masai mara safari in Kenya, watching the sunset in Mauritius, experiencing the beauty of Africa.

I returned with hopes of adding more value to be subscribers, add another vlog series which I named ”I would rather be self-made” I wanted to use this platform to help people start their business and become financially independent without working regular 9-5 jobs they hate so much… But life had different things for me.


I lost my YouTube account after 18 months of toil and hard work I could remember vividly how it happened I wanted to upload videos from my travels when i got the shocking message that my channel has been deleted…it was a rude awakening I tried even possible means to get my account back but I couldn’t.

I’m still trying to get my life back but why I’m sharing this with you is to let you know that you can be you without explaining to anyone, life may knock you down so many times, but you can make the choice to give up or try again.

I am grateful to all friends and subscribers who believed in me. You make me a fulfilled person.

As I begin another phase in life, I hope you don’t give up and never allow anyone tell you that you have nothing to offer.

Growing up, I felt like the odd one, I was the ugly one among my friends and it even got worse when I got in high school, None of the guys fancied or took interest in me. I was always the girl that guys will come to tell about the girl that they liked…they were never interested in me It was awful and on top of the lack of confidence and self esteem that piled up. I was searching endlessly for validation from others that I became a recluse and shunned every opportunity to have a social life.


Life for me had not started at 17 when my classmates were partying, doing dumb stupid sh*t and living their lives with reckless abandon. Yet due to my lacked of confidence I was too scared to take risk and live up to my potentials. I lived with my grandmother in Orlando, FL after my mom remarried, and for a minute I felt this was a breath of fresh air because I can start all over again but I was wrong I got a job at target and the treatment I got was worse than high school, they literally called me a ugly duckling and fat to my face. Trust me it wasn’t pretty.

Fat forward 18 months.

I turned from ugly duckling to a beautiful swan, people told me they liked my videos and how much it has changed their lives, young people looked up to me as a role mode, I made money beyond my wildest dream. I got into a relationship with someone deserving, I no longer felt I needed to beg to be loved, noticed or treated nice and the best part was that I regained my confidence and right there I knew I have a whole lot to offer. Finally I made real friends who encourage me to be the best in what I do, they always got my back even at my worst moment, what else could I ask for… Life is great I even became a YouTube spokesperson during Vidcon and Beautycon….UNTIL I lost everything.

Back To My Story


I felt like I’m missing out because I was different. I was called a lollipop head because I had a big head, freckles on my face with dry skin I didn’t look like the standard of beauty that the society and media portrays. Then a coworker Jamie who was the only friend I had offered to sell his laptop to me at a good price because he needed the money to pay his rent. I bought his laptop and this became my routine after work, when I got home, checking out different blogs, articles, fashion and beauty tips became my new hobby I even joined some dating sites.

I tried different thing I learned like DIY tutorials on how to do your make up, style your hair, how to have remove acne and blackheads with natural products. I stumbled on video of average looking people on YouTube who were having fun teaching others what they know and love.

I figured I could do something better and on top of that no one was going to judge me since it was just me facing the camera and talking straight from my heart. This was the beginning of a new chapter in my life.















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