Most Common Google AdSense Ban Reasons


Google in many cases suspends AdSense accounts without any reason. If you search for AdSense banned online you will find many horror stories.

Google strictly follows the terms of conditions that it has published for Ad Sense users, and when you make a mistake, Google promptly addresses it and bans your account without prior notice.

If you are working with AdSense, it should be in your daily to-do list to check if your AdSense account is banned or suspended.

The reason why Google is so strict with website displaying AdSense ads

Google is earning a lot and most of its profit comes from AdWords and AdSense.

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Google AdSense at the end is responsible that those ads show on appropriate websites that advertisers are comfortable with that’s why Google want to ensure their ad network is clean.

Many bloggers have created their blogs and websites just for AdSense and there is no real quality content they are creating. Google does not like their ads be places on spam sites and will shut down the owner of the AdSense account indefinitely.

Things that Google AdSense

Many people, especially in developing countries, have deceived Google by click fraud. This is a widespread scam and people are extensively doing it until they get their AdSense account suspended.

With click fraud, people tend to make fake clicks on their ads on their website.

There are many apps, which help getting more clicks fast. If Google identifies this, it will result in the banning of your account, without considering how much benefit you have provided to Google.

Pop-ups and moving ads is another way through which people try to fool people and get more money. This is not only irritating to visitors but also to Google. Google wants to make the experience of users excellent, and it takes every possible step to make this thing happen. Users are therefore given an option to close the ad with an opportunity to provide feedback. Google considers that feedback dangerous!

Micro niche sites are usually more targeted to a situation where they get AdSense banned because they typically focus on a small number of keywords, which is against the terms and conditions of Google. If you have low-quality content on your website or you are not creating value for the customer then get ready to be kicked out of AdSense platform because Google does not want such bloggers who are not adding worth to the overall experience of the internet.

If you a regular AdSense user and it is a way of your daily earning, you should never cheat Google because it is Google who is providing you with the opportunity of this making. You should not break plagiarism rules, should not use abusive content and should strictly avoid products which are banned like drugs.

In working with AdSense, your ultimate goals should not be short-term, you should focus on achieving long-term goals and therefore should avoid fraudulent activities like auto blogging and click frauds.

Do not stick to only one website, add more sites to the network so low quality of one website can be compensated with the high quality of other websites in the group.



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