The Danger Of Making Money With AdSense/YouTube


Many business organizations today are finding it easier to do marketing and promoting due to the online services which has brought in a revolution.


There are so many marketing strategies available online where the company could choose the best that suits their needs. Video marketing may be considered as one among the best effective ways where you can get more attention of the customers telling them much about your business and products through attractive videos.

We all know that YouTube has been the best way where videos are getting more popular about. Whatever type of video, be it movies or TV shows or any business promotions, YouTube is the best place to look for. It serves not just for business promotions but also for learning new things and many other purposes. So, YouTube or video marketing is the best choice for promoting the business.

Did AdSense/YouTube ban your account?
AdSense insider reveals a little-known technique on how to get your banned account back online - and how you can easily and safely open new YouTube/AdSense account.

So, everybody know that YouTube is one among the best search engines to search videos. But, how many of you all know that it helps in business progress. So, how did I make profit out of it? I opened a YouTube account. I created a YouTube channel on my business name. I kept uploading videos taken by me which further helped me to earn more and more money. At the beginning, I had only few people who saw the videos and some gave a like. Some hardly left comments about what they think about the videos which helped me to go further and do better. As days progressed, I could see more and more people likes and watches, more subscriptions to the channels.

I wish this could have extended for a long period of time. What I exactly did with this video marketing strategy is that: I was using this facility for my own expenses. I love traveling. I go around the world to different places, take videos of my own experience and adventure, take pictures and videos of other interesting things I have seen during the journey, the people I met etc. I have been uploading some videos on YouTube and making some money out of it.

The money which I earned helped me in my living expenses and also to travel around the world for taking more and more videos to be uploaded in the channel.

This sort of marketing was really easy and I enjoyed doing it. It was the way of job that I really want to do. But, everything went off when my YouTube account got blocked. For some security reasons, my account has been blocked and I could not go further. It is not just the account I have lost, it is the number of subscriptions, followers, customers, their trust that I have lost. It is not going to take me even an hour to open a new account.

But, it will take me even months to get back the customers and followers and start earning money back.


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  1. Tom says

    I really believe YouTube is giving a chance for those who are interested in monetizing their videos to get revenue shares from their ads. Even though it’s not very easy to make earnings from a YouTube channel, a lot of users have been very successful to make a lot of money from their YouTube channels. These users are known as YouTube partners, and YouTube states that the number of channels in their partnership program has reached more than a million.

    If you can properly manage your YouTube channel and could become a partner, there’s a huge earning potential that you can enjoy. However, YouTube also has some guidelines that you must follow in order to stay in the partnership. If you violate one of the rules, you can be banned and no longer can enjoy having an extra income from your YouTube videos.

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