Top FIVE Reasons YouTube Suspends “Partner” Accounts


Thousands of YouTube Partners get their account banned every week. We did some research to find out what are the most common reasons are that people loose their YouTube partnership. 


5. Fake YouTube views

There are some partners who buy out views from people all over the world. This is not allowed by YouTube at all. Some of them even go to the extent of having some experts creating different several accounts and viewing their content. This is a fraudulent act for them to gain fame and profit.

4. Content that infringes copyright

Copyrights are rights of owners of certain intellectual content such as music, poems, artistic works, photographs or any other content that has been registered for copyrights under the relevant laws. If these rights are infringed by YouTube partners, YouTube can be sued by the owner of the copyright rights and the remedies available to the owner of the rights can see YouTube lose a lot of money as well as reputation. For this reason, YouTube partners are advised to avoid hurting other people’s copyrights or they shall be banned.

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3. Leaving abusive or/and spam comments

There are partners who do not value competition and rather `than working hard to be the best among the competitors, they go ahead leaving abusive messages on their accounts. This is unethical and against the policies set by YouTube. In addition to leaving abusive messages, some partners send people spam messages on their email accounts. Spam is not allowed, especially if there is no option to unsubscribe.

2. Clicking on their own ads in videos

Click frauds is what YouTube partners who click on their adverts while watching a video are called. Usually, they do so out of malice and bad intentions. YouTube cannot allow that behavior which makes the video owners suffer as people do not get to see their contents. A partner with this behavior will be banned from YouTube without a doubt.

1. Creating fake accounts

There are partners in YouTube who create fake accounts in order to view their own adverts on videos. This is a gross infringement on the policy and terms of use of YouTube, and such a person will be banned from YouTube. The intention of having the fake accounts is to cheat and fraudulently gather customers and viewers on their advertisements, mainly because people will be inclined to view some content that they see has a huge number of viewers as the presumption is that the content is good and helpful.

It is important that the partners on YouTube use the platform with dignity and without false representations or malice. The policy that they agreed to when they signed to YouTube must be observed very keenly. People will claim that they were banned for having an overzealous fan base, but YouTube is always keen to observe whether claims or suspicions are true or not. Avoid these five malpractices to avoid being banned from YouTube.


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  1. Rob99 says

    I think there are several reasons why people create fake YouTube accounts, perhaps they want to get more views on their videos, or they want to initiate a conversation and leave positive comments on their own videos, or maybe they want to get more ad clicks, or all three of them. Let’s just make it clear once again, YouTube is not that stupid, this social media is owned by Google and that means they have more than enough genius nerds working to create a solid system to detect all these dubious malicious activities. So you will get caught eventually and you can say goodbye to your channel and YouTube partnership.

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