Why Does YouTube Ban So Many Partner Accounts Based On Copyright


Recently I have observed that many YouTube account are being suspedned due to the violation of copyright.


Copyright violation has substantially impacted the livelihoods of the many artists, and due to this reason of increasing frequency in copyright violation, the artists have now turned to using the Digital Millennium Copyright Acts as a way of making sure that the account violating copyright are shut down.

I have heard reports about several artists who have already adopted the idea of using DMCA for the management of the production works on YouTube. According to reports, it seems that their new adopted approach has served for their best as more YouTube accounts are being banned due to violations in the recent months. The termination of the accounts is due to some reasons, which among them is that songwriters, creators, as well as an artist, have realized how the consequential the User Pirated Content posted on YouTube can be to their livelihood.

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As you can view in the screenshot provided above, the YouTube account was suspended as a result of “multiple third-party claims” this, in other words, means that the YouTube user was making uploads from various parties without considering the harm the action would cause. I observed that this is a common mistake that many users are continuously making each and every day.

This is a serious breach of audio copyright, not like in cases where a person just shares an original video he/she has recorded, for example, a cute kitten video. The truth that I believe in is that there are thousands of YouTube channels that have breached copyright laws, and this has resulted to artists getting paid a peanut on nothing at all.

As far as I know, the YouTube user accounts are subject to three strikes rule or your account will be suspended. By this, I mean that if convicted of a felony, the prison sentence is significantly increased especially if you have been previously convicted. According to statistics, I noticed that more parties are now getting more involved in using DMCA to prevent violations of their rights as well as sending notices for users who have violated the copyright to pull down their uploaded content on the video streaming site.


In educating the users and the public about the breach of copyright, the following should be done. I believe that in case the YouTube user uploads a video of an artist which should not be shared without the authorization, he/she should be directed to the artist YouTube channel to get an overview of what type of content the artist has allowed being shared.

From a report, I recently read I noted that many artists are even receiving direct emails from users whom accounts are being banned. The artists claim that the users approve that they well knew that they had no rights to upload the content, but uploaded due to their love for the artist but not for profit intentions. We can sympathize with the statement of the users, but this does not count in the case of Google and YouTube the platforms which benefit from User Pirated Content.

The purpose of account suspended is because of multiple copyright claims, but both YouTube and Google seem to ignore the case of when a video is individually removed.

The first instance is that artist thinks that it is a bad idea earning only $400 per million views when monetizing using “User Pirated Content via Content ID. This is achieved through third parties such as AdRev (10%), or Audiam (20%) Tunecore and CDBaby, which slice certain percentages as indicated in brackets for offering such service.

Secondly, the arrival of the MusicKey also known as YouTube Vaporware Subscription Streaming Service, both right holders and artists are bound to a Free Streaming Licenses for their whole lists of records through automatically generated videos and playlists. This, in other words, means that every song in each album has been licensed for free streaming as well as ad-monetization thus reducing the tendency of YouTube dependency on the User Pirated Content.


Thirdly, I view YouTube as a catastrophe entirely for all creators seeking to produce and also support a good and ethical market platform for music and media on the internet. A good example is the Jaz-Z Tidal that was released for the purpose of giving its subscribers with exclusive content. Tidal was later faced with a serious problem as each material which was provided to its customers was then uploaded to YouTube later on. This makes it difficult to thrive a business online when the largest streaming site continuously allows repeated violation of rules. This will only result to more YouTube account banned by DMCA.

As Prince is famously rocking (even he is not with us anymore) hard in the music industry globally, his next album HITNRUN will be made available only in Jaz Z’s Tidal streaming service. However, it is only a matter of time before his entire album is posted on YouTube illegally and many YouTubers will get their account suspended.

Lastly, the record industry seems not to be making revenue calculations based on various streaming sites. Last year during SXSW an enormous revenue differences between YouTube and Spotify and other streaming sites. With these reports made available, I can conclusively say that uploading music on YouTube for the purpose of making profits for the artist and the right holders is the least profitable method.

I recently saw an infographic which was posted by Digital Music News. The infographic highlighted that YouTube accounts 60% of all global streams but only accounts for 14% of revenue obtained via video streaming monetization. This is for sure a bad deal. Click here to see the infographic/ chart.


It is important to note that when users upload violated material without a valid license, it is because of a business model that makes use of DMCA to avoid the full responsibility for the violation. This is not fair, and many people will tend to support that YouTube is a global business that obtains its profits from distributing User Pirated Content. Thats why YouTube should warn YouTube partners before they ban their account.

I wholeheartedly endorse Services such as Vimeo, which run their errands responsibly and have made a deal with the indie film producers to serve as distributors for their work in a legal and licensed form. Vimeo also offers a password protection functionality designed specifically for non-public distribution of works which is intended to be shared amongst friends, family or even small groups for educational purposes only a case not available on YouTube, but I think it should work the same a Vimeo and Vimeo does not suspended users like YouTube does with it’s partners.





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